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a private personal publisher

In early 2008, I founded Jewelweed Impressions as a "personal publisher" for small unconventional editions related to my studio work. This  step into the emerging wave of small publishers grew from a project that complements my work as an algorithmic artist.  The core of the project grew from a series of "upsidedown" drawings I created in the early 1970's.  The project required transformations of these drawings on the scale of a mural spanning two storeys and the publication of the drawings in a  book with unique demands on typography, page arrangement, and documentation. 

Jewelweed Impressions emerged as our publishing solution for maintaining full control of every detail in the production of the Upsidedown Book.  Following the precedents set in this edition, Jewelweed will be an occasional publisher for editions that grow out of my studio interests as an artist and humanist. 

Roman Verostko, July, 2008












 Above: A double page spread in the Upsidedown Book.


Jewelweed Impressions

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