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A first edition published for the dedication of the new Fred Rogers Center building at St. Vincent College Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 2008.  ISBN: 978-0-9815454-0-0

WIM, a beautifully designed book for all ages, presents 65 pen and ink drawings with whimsical names, whose upside can also be their downside and whose downside can also be their upside. With no front and no back, no up and no down, this book invites viewers of all ages to participate in light hearted visual adventures of the human spirit. In the 1970’s, when he created these drawings, Roman wrote: “ . . . the treasures of the spirit within us tend to be encumbered with objects, things, and everyday business. To enter one’s imagination, to play, to delight in the gift of the human spirit – these free activities break through that prison and nurture the quality of human life. Through these drawings I have attempted to enter that imagining mode in the life of the spirit and to evoke some of its treasures for those who view them. . . .”

Dedicated to Fred Rogers who noted that “the child is in me still, but sometimes not so still. . .” these drawings will appeal to children of all ages including those of us in our golden years.

See also  WIM: The Upsidedown Mural and the  Rationale & History for the upside down drawings.

Hard cover in black Kivar with Llama embossing and gold foil stamp, Smyth sewn, dust jacket, 64 pages printed in black & white on 100# Mohawk Via., 8.5 inches by 11 inches landscape orientation, 2008.

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Archabbey Publications, Latrobe, Pa. 15650

Jewelweed Impressions  © 2008, Roman Verostko



  Jewelweed Impressions |  Upsidedown Mural  | Rationale | Availability | Artist